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Presale / How to Shop Early


Ready to Shop Before the Public?

Of course you are! Joining our Presale is how to get the best items at the best prices ahead of the public. We offer presale access to the following groups - click on the group name to learn more.

We love that we are a local business supporting our community. Here are special presale times we offer at no cost!

  • New Mamas - Whether you are an expecting mom or a mom with a kiddo under 1 in the house, we'd love to help you find #allthebabystuff! Register as a New Mama

  • Community Heroes - Thank you to our military, first responders, nurses, and teachers! Let us reward you with an early shopping pass! Register as a Community Hero

  • Foster Family - Are you a licensed foster family in WNC? We'd love to meet you! Foster families have a special place in both our consignors' hearts and with Seeds and Sprouts® Kids. Register as a Foster Family


What time is my presale?

Check our Sale Schedule to learn when your presale time is. Remember to bring your presale pass with you to the sale.

Who is a "new mama" that can register?

We use "new mama" to mean an expecting mom or a mom with a kiddo under 1 at her house. It doesn't have to be her first because being a mama to a new little one (whether your first or fifth) is no joke! Go to the Registration page to sign up.

Can I bring someone to help me?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your spouse or a parent (one person) to help you. Remember, they're here to help you, so they should not be shopping for their own children. This applies to all presale times: paid tickets, free shop tickets like New Moms, and consignor entry.

New Mom Definition
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