Consignors' Complete Guide

We've put all the information you'll need onto this single page. And remember, if you can't find it here for some reason, hit us up on Facebook Messenger or email at


Important highlights for Fall 2021:

  • ​As one of our consignors, you will earn 65% of the sale price of your items

  • An $8 consignor fee is deducted from your total earnings to offset rent cost and advertising.

  • Consign at least 25 small items (hanging clothes, toys, etc) or one large item to become a consignor.

  • Specific Item Limits:

    • No more than 250 items per consignor number. If you wish to consign more than 250 items, sign up for an additional consignor number.

    • For infant clothing only (newborn to 18 months), you may consign up to 25 hangers per gender. No limits on sizes larger than 18 months.

    • Maximum of 12 pairs of shoes per consignor number.

    • Maximum 5 stuffed animals.

    • We are no longer accepting breast pumps, breast pump accessories or non-crib mattresses.

    • We are no longer accepting baby formula, baby food, camp t-shirts or business t-shirts.

  • Presale wristbands will be given to you at Drop Off.

  • Public consignor registration for our sale opens July 14th and will end September 11th at 11:59pm. This is also the deadline to enter and modify tags, though you can print tags after this date (Full Schedule).

  • Pick Up will be on Monday, September 20th from 12pm to 7pm. Consignor checks will be available at pick up.

  • Check pick up for consignors not picking up items will be on Monday, September 20th from 6pm to 7pm.

  • Consignors who cannot pick up their checks in person will receive them in the mail within 2 weeks of the sale.


Fall 2021 Temporary Schedule (subject to change)

Wednesday, July 14th - Consignor registration opens to the public

Wednesday, August 11th - Community Presale registration opens

Wednesday, August 25th - Platinum, Gold, Silver tickets on sale

Saturday, September 11th - Inventory Locked at 11:59pm

You will still be able to print tags after this deadline, but no new items may be entered

Wednesday, September 15th - Set up and Drop Off

9:00am-8:30pm - Consignor Drop Off by Appointment

Thursday, September 16th - Presale Day

*Shoppers must have a presale pass to be admitted. Learn more about our Presale day here.

11:00am - Team Member Only Shop (no children at this time) - $40 

12:00pm - Platinum Tickets (no children at this time) - $40

2:00pm - Gold Tickets (no children at this time) - $20 

2:30pm - Consignor Bump (if all items set to Discount and Donate)

3:00pm - Consignors Shop

5:00pm - Silver Tickets - $10

5:30pm - Registered New Moms Shop

7:00pm - Registered Community Heroes and Registered Foster Family Shop

8:00pm - Guests of Consignors Shop

9:30pm - Presale Closes

Friday, September 17th - Public Sale Day

9:00am-8:00pm - Shopping Open and Free to the Public

Saturday, September 18th - Public Sale Day

9:00am-5:00pm - Shopping Open and Free to the Public

6:00pm - Team Member - Discount Shop Early Entry (children allowed)

7:00pm - Presale Ticket Holder - Discount Shop Early Entry (children allowed)

9:00pm - Discount Shop Presale Closes

Sunday, September 19th - 50%-Off Day, Foster Family Free Shop

12:00pm-4:00pm - Public Shops, Most Items Reduced by 50%

7:00pm-8:00pm - Registered Foster Family Free Shop

Monday, September 20th - Pick Up

12:00pm-7:00pm - Consignor Pick Up (Any remaining items at 7pm are donated)

6:00pm-7:00pm - Check-Only Pick Up

Sale Schedule


Accepted Items

  • High Quality Fall and Winter Children’s Clothing (infant through size 16, no juniors or men’s sizes) including winter coats, snow gear, and more

  • High Quality Fall and Winter shoes,

    • Limit of 12 pairs of shoes per consignor number

  • For Infant Clothing (newborn to 18 months), up to 25 Hangers of Infant Clothing for each Gender

    • No specific limit on hanging items larger than 18 months!​

  • Maternity Clothing

  • Kids Accessories (gently used scarves, gloves, socks, tights, hair bows, hats, etc.)

  • Kids underwear in unopened, original packaging only

  • Infant Care Items (carriers, diaper bags, pails, bottles, nursing accessories)

  • Infant and Kid Furnishings (cribs manufactured after July 2011, pack-n-plays, furniture, room decor)

  • Toys and Play Equipment (indoor, outdoor, small, and large)

    • For stuffed animals, limit of 5 per consignor​

  • Strollers

  • Car Seats

    • that are less than five years old and contain the manufacturing date label

    • sold by original owner in clean, excellent condition

    • that have never been in an accident

  • Books, DVDs (up through PG-13), Games, Video Games (up through T) and Gaming Systems

  • Kids Craft Kits

  • Sporting Goods 

  • Bikes and Tricycles

  • Crib Mattresses (no other types of mattresses)

  • And more!


Email questions to

Unaccepted Items

  • High Quality Spring and Summer Children’s Clothing (infant through size 16, no juniors or men’s sizes) including shorts, tank tops, flip flops, swimsuits, etc

    • Save these for our Spring sale!

  • Cribs manufactured before July 2011 (no drop-side rails)

  • Car seats that fail to meet all criteria listed under “Accepted Items

  • Recalled Items

  • Items with stains, holes, broken snaps or zippers, missing parts, etc

  • Shoes that are not in great condition

  • No breast pumps (new or used) or breast pump parts will be sold--i.e. breast shields, tubing, etc.

  • No mattresses (other than crib mattresses)

  • No baby formula or food

  • No camp t-shirts or business t-shirts


Seeds and Sprouts Kids reserves the right not to accept these items at Drop Off for the sale. If unacceptable items are found during the sale, Seeds and Sprouts Kids will remove the items and leave them for the consignor to retrieve at the end of the sale.


Recalled Items

Please check or to ensure items you will be selling are not on any recall list. If you have questions, you may email us at

Seeds and Sprouts Kids is not responsible for any recalled items which might be bought or sold during a sale. It is the responsibility of the consignors to check all of their items to ensure that they are safe and not on the recall list before bringing them to Seeds and Sprouts Kids.

Tagging - How-To Video

The deadline for entering tags is the Sunday before the sale at 11:59pm. You can still print after this but cannot create new tags.


Preparing Your Items

Get Items "Sale-Ready"

  • Wash items and touch up with an iron as needed. Items that smell and look good are more likely to appeal to shoppers.

  • Double check that items are free from stains and holes.

  • Ensure all zippers, buttons, and snaps are fastened.

  • Place like new socks and tights in Ziploc bags.

  • Do not place onesies or sleepers in Ziploc bags. All clothing must be hung (see below). 

  • Toys and baby items must be wiped clean. Battery-operated toys must have working batteries. Ensure toys with multiple parts are secured well as they will be handled during the sale.

  • Wrap wooden puzzles in plastic or place in an appropriately sized Ziploc bag. If the puzzle could be used as a gift, consider using blue painter’s tape so that the box is not damaged as it would likely be from packaging tape.

  • Puzzles, games, and all multi-piece items MUST be complete. Assemble them or count items to verify a complete set before sealing the package, then mark "all pieces included" on tags and seal with tape to prevent loss.

  • Attaching a printout of your large toy or specialty item from Amazon with the retail price shown can help sell those higher value items.

Hanging Your Items

Hang clothing items so that the hanger makes a question mark when looking at the front of the garment.​

  • Baby clothes up to 5T may be on a child-sized plastic hanger or safety pinned to a wire hanger. 

  • Size 6 and up can be on an adult-sized plastic hanger or wire hanger.

  • When hanging pants, be sure to pin the pants to the hanger “shoulders,” not the straight bottom edge; this will keep them from sliding around. 

  • Combine clothing in sets when possible. Be sure all items in a set are the same size, otherwise sell separately.

  • Hang no more than 2-3 items per hanger.

  • Pin sets (e.g. shirt and shorts) securely together with shorts/pants hung on the backside of the shirt and pinned at the waist to the top of the hanger. The pants should face the opposite direction of the shirt and be safety pinned or zip-tied so the set will not separate. 


*Need hangers? Old Navy throws away hangers daily, and many dry cleaners will provide hangers for free. Ask for them, or purchase hangers from your local Target/Walmart or Amazon.


Securing Shoes

Shoes must be fastened together with zip-ties or ribbon. Do not put shoes in bags.


Shoes that look and smell clean are more likely to sell. Take time to wash and/or wipe down shoes to enhance their appeal.


How to Enter and Print Tags

The deadline for entering tags is the Sunday before the sale at 11:59pm. You can still print after this but cannot create new tags.

Log in to your consignor account, click "Manage Items," and then "Add" to get started. See details below about the various information to include on each tag prior to printing.


Input Tag Information

  • Donate Option - Please consider donating your few items which do not sell by clicking the “donate” box when creating your tags. Items that do not sell but are marked "Donate" go directly to WNC foster care organizations and the families they support. 

  • Discount Option - The last day of our sale is a 50%-off day for items from participating consignors who click “discount” when creating tags. If you intend to donate your unsold items, please make sure you also designate them for the 50%-off sale.

  • Sizing Appropriately - If you have a garment in a size range, please use the largest numerical size (for example 12-18 months should be sized “18 months” on your tag).

  • DO NOT use S, M, or L - These designations are used differently from one brand to the next. Please choose the numerical size which most closely corresponds.

  • Category Options

    • Boy's Clothing and Girl's Clothing - any primary clothing item (i.e. shirts, pants, dresses, etc)​

    • Maternity - any maternity clothing item including nursing bras, support belts, belly bands, etc

    • Accessories - small clothing items including socks, hairbows, hats, sunglasses, scarves and gloves in the fall, etc

    • Book - any and all books

    • Boutique - boutique brand items at boutique prices. If you are selling a Matilda Jane dress (retail $50+) for $5, it does NOT need to be in the boutique category, enter it under “Girls Clothing.” If you’re selling that same dress for $20+, definitely list it as boutique.

    • Coat - heavy winter coats, ski bibs, and snow pants. All hoodies, fleece pullovers/zip ups, etc should be tagged under Boy's and Girl's Clothing.

    • Costume - any dress up clothes meant for dress up play and/or Halloween; these items are all hung in their own section.

    • Game - board games, educational games/flash cards, etc

    • Infant Misc - all the baby necessities that are not hung and are not large gear; this includes bottles, bibs, changing table pads, diaper pails, pacifiers, potty seats, bumbos, and more

    • Large Items - any item too large to carry around the event space (i.e. furniture, pack and plays, exersaucers, bouncy seats, activity mats, bikes, outdoor toys, oversized indoor toys, etc)

    • Media - all movies, video games, VR gear, gaming systems, and related items

    • Shoes - seasonally appropriate kids' shoes

    • Toy - any and all toys for infants and toddlers up through teens

    • Miscellaneous - if no other category above applies, use this one


Pricing Your Items

  • As a consignor, you will price your own items. Carefully consider the age and condition of an item when pricing.

  • Ask yourself, "Would I be willing to buy this item at this price?"

  • Price common brand clothing items (e.g. Circo, Cherokee, Faded Glory, etc) at approximately 15-20% of the original retail price for speedy sales.

  • Nearly new GAP, Gymboree, and boutique brands sell well and may earn upwards of 25% of the original cost.

  • Toys and gear sell very well! Excellent condition, newer style equipment may sell at 50% of the retail price!

  • Items that are priced too high will not sell. We have the most shoppers during our full-price sale, so the largest number of customers will consider your item at its full price. Do not overprice your items anticipating the 50%-off sale. Shoppers will know those items are not a good value.

  • Here is a handy pricing guide you can print that will help as well.


Gathering Supplies

Gather or purchase the following supplies to make preparing items and attaching tags a cinch:

  • White Card Stock (all tags must be printed on white card stock). Tags printed on regular printer paper tend to rip away from the item they belong to, and tags printed on colored paper do not scan as well at the registers.

  • Safety Pins (2" pins work best for attaching tags and loose straps to hangers)

  • Hangers: Plastic or Wire (check with Old Navy or your local dry cleaners for free hangers)

    • Child-size hangers for sizes​ newborn to 5

    • Adult-size hangers for sizes 6 and up

    • Or pin any size garment to a wire hanger

  • Scissors

  • Ziploc Bags, large and small sizes (for securing loose toys and packaging items together)

  • Packaging Tape (for attaching tags to Ziploc bags and toys)

  • Blue Painter's Tape (for attaching tags to books and games)

  • Zip-Ties or Ribbon (for tying shoes together)

  • Cleaning Supplies (for helping your items look their best: Clorox wipes, goo gone, magic eraser)

  • Optional: If you are tagging a large number of clothing items, consider purchasing a tagging gun and barbs, but be sure to only place the tagging barbs through appropriate locations in the item so as not to damage the item. See below. 


Print and Attach Tags

The deadline for entering tags is the Sunday before the sale at 11:59pm. You can still print after this but cannot create new tags.

Tags must be printed on white card stock paper.

Tags printed on regular printer paper are notorious for ripping off the item they belong to, and tags printed on colored paper do not scan as well at the registers.


Hanging Items

  • If using safety pins, secure tags to the right upper corner of hanging items.

  • If using a tagging gun and plastic barbs, attach tag and barb through the garment's manufacturer's tag inside the collar or through the thick collar or waist seam to avoid damaging the garment. Wherever you use a tagging gun, you will be making a hole, so keep that in mind and tag thoughtfully.

  • Watch our video for more Tagging Tips for Clothes


 Toys and Gear

  • Packaging tape is ideal for attaching tags to many plastic toys and gear items. Painted wooden toys will fare better with painter's tape so as to not remove the paint.

  • Bring the tags for your large items (e.g. furniture, high chairs, bikes, strollers, etc) with you to Drop Off. You will attach these tags to separate claim tickets before securing them to your items.


Books and Other Media

  • Secure tags to books with painter's tape to avoid damage to the item.

  • If you group like-items in a Ziploc bag, attach the tag with packaging tape to the bag. Also, listing the book titles on the tag allows buyers to know what they are getting.

  • Children's DVDs, CDs, and video games need to be secured and tagged with packaging tape.


Drop Off


Consignor Drop Off

Log in and Make a Drop Off Appointment


Drop Off times:

We have many drop off appointments available to accommodate your busy schedule. Check our Sale Schedule for times, and log in to your consignor account to pick a specific appointment time.

At your appointment​:

  • All items will be inspected.

  • As a consignor, you are responsible to appropriately place items on the sales floor; so allow yourself 30 minutes or more.

  • Large items will be displayed - that helps them to sell better! Items such as Pack-n-plays will be set up on the floor. If you bring a large item in a box, the item will be removed from the box for inspection and to be displayed.

  • You will be given a consignor wrist band that will give you admission to the Presale on Friday and an additional presale guest pass to give a friend. See details of the Presale shopping schedule here

Pick Up

  • ​Pick up for any unsold items not marked “donate” will be at the end of the sale. See the Sale Schedule for details.

  • Items will be sorted by consignor number; bring your number with you. You will sign for your items at check out before you leave.

  • Checks will be available for pick up when you pick up your items!

  • Check-Only pick up is the last hour of Pick Up for those consignors not picking up any items but wish to collect their checks in person. *Any consignors not able to collect checks in person will receive them in the mail within 2 weeks of the sale.

  • Any items not picked up at the end of the pick up time will be donated.

  • REMEMBER! If you choose to mark your items "donate," you will be supporting WNC foster care families as they provide a solution to the foster care crisis in our area, and you won't need to come pick up any unsold items! Win-win!

While it is unlikely, Seeds and Sprouts Kids is not responsible for lost or stolen items.