Fall 2021 Temporary Schedule (subject to change)

Wednesday, July 14th - Consignor registration opens to the public

Wednesday, August 11th - Community Presale registration opens

Wednesday, August 25th - Platinum, Gold, Silver tickets on sale

Sunday, September 12th - Inventory Locked at 11:59pm

You will still be able to print tags after this deadline, but no new items may be entered

Wednesday, September 15th - Set up and Drop Off

9:00am-8:30pm - Consignor Drop Off by Appointment

Thursday, September 16th - Presale Day

*Shoppers must have a presale pass to be admitted. Learn more about our Presale day here.

11:00am - Team Member Only Shop (no children at this time) - $40 

12:00pm - Platinum Tickets (no children at this time) - $40 

2:00pm - Gold Tickets (no children at this time) - $20 

2:30pm - Consignor Bump (if all items set to Discount and Donate)

3:00pm - Consignors Shop

5:00pm - Silver Tickets - $10 

5:30pm - Registered New Moms Shop

7:00pm - Registered Community Heroes and Registered Foster Family Shop

8:00pm - Guests of Consignors Shop

9:30pm - Presale Closes

Friday, September 17th - Public Sale Day

9:00am-8:00pm - Shopping Open and Free to the Public

Saturday, September 18th - Public Sale Day

9:00am-5:00pm - Shopping Open and Free to the Public

6:00pm - Team Member - Discount Shop Early Entry (children allowed)

7:00pm - Presale Paid Ticket Holder - Discount Shop Early Entry (children allowed)

9:00pm - Discount Shop Presale Closes

Sunday, September 19th - 50%-Off Day, Foster Family Free Shop

12:00pm-4:00pm - Public Shops, Most Items Reduced by 50%

7:00pm-8:00pm - Registered Foster Family Free Shop

Monday, September 20th - Pick Up

12:00pm-7:00pm - Consignor Pick Up (Any remaining items at 7pm are donated)

6:00pm-7:00pm - Check-Only Pick Up