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Our community is one of the best things about Seeds and Sprouts Kids, and we are blessed by the all the great reviews that shows we're all on to something special!

Rachel, Shopper

The best consignment sale I've been to.... The venue was spacious, so there was just the right amount of space in the aisles. Everything was completely clean and tidy. Large, color-coded signs made it easy to see how everything was laid out. All of the people working there seemed super happy to be a part of it, and everyone I interacted with was ridiculously friendly and helpful. I also loved the fact that they'll donate your leftover items for you if you want. No complaints!!

Brooke, Shopper

Loved the layout and the quality of everything we found! We have shopped at other sales and ended up with lots of items that don’t work, so we will only shop Seeds and Sprouts® from now on!!

Deanna, Consignor

My consigning experience was easy with Seeds and Sprouts®. Everything from registering to drop off worked great. If you price your items right they will move. Out of approx 76 items I had 4 or 5 I think that didn't sale. Not surprised because they were odd items. They were timely with the payout procedure after. I highly recommend giving SEEDS & SPROUTS a try: benefit you, them, and the foster care community. Everyone wins.

Jessica, Consignor

I am so glad that I consigned with Seeds and Sprouts® this year. The check-in process went incredibly smooth and fast. The quality of clothes, toys, and games was fantastic, and I found everything I needed at a great price. The workers and volunteers were happy and helpful, and I love that I was able to help the foster care community by donating my items that did not sell. I will definitely be consigning with them again!

Susan, Foster Family

I just wanted to say what a WONDERFUL experience I had today during the free foster care shopping.  We are currently fostering a 2 year old and have our own 4 year old. Life can be difficult with two little ones, particularly learning how to share.  Your generosity and kindness was almost overwhelming! I cannot thank you enough. It was amazing just to be able to pick out clothes for both girls. I didn't expect to be able to get toys, shoes and other things as well.  Wow!! And then a gift bag when we checked out. I cannot express how grateful I am for you all. Thank you so very much.

Abigail, Foster Family

I just wanted to say thanks as a foster family who benefited greatly from your efforts yesterday.  I know doing the free foster family shop was extra effort on your part, with no financial gain for you.  However, you were able to help out lots of families by allowing them to shop, giving lots of awesome things away, and just letting them know they are appreciated.  I really think that part of your sale was really cool, and am proud of what you were willing to do. Your hard work did not go unnoticed, and it's exciting to see the fostering community coming together more and more.  Also, I believe awareness is being raised, which is great to see as well.

Jessica, Western Carolina Rescue Mission (Donation Partner)

The donations provided by Seeds and Sprouts® Kids have truly helped our mothers in need at Western Carolina Rescue Ministries. The outfits, shoes, and other supplies help support our mothers in such a unique and special way. It is such a blessing to see the young ones in their new-to-them outfits and to see the joy and happiness created through these donations. We greatly appreciate the support and extra efforts Seeds and Sprouts® Kids has taken to collaborate with us and look forward to many more years of partnership.

Jennifer, Biltmore Church Foster Care Closet (Donation Partner)

Too often as children are placed in foster care they lose a sense of self and what belongs to them.  Through a generous donation from Seeds and Sprouts®, our foster care closet will be able to provide new pajamas to children as they enter foster care.  Our prayer is that these pajamas and the other components of their care bag will help give each child a sense of belonging.  We thank Seeds and Sprouts® for their donation to help fill a void during each child's transition time. Seeds and Sprouts® are a great example of Deuteronomy 15:8, “but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be."

Heather, Junior Welfare Club of Hendersonville

Thanks to the generous Seeds and Sprouts® donators, we were able to collect some much needed essentials for foster children in Henderson county. The Seeds and Sprouts items will help ensure that children of all ages have their needs met, especially those who come into care with very little. Thank you for your willingness to donate!

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