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Fall Sale: November 8th-10th
Expo Building @ the Ag Center, Fletcher, NC

Sell your children's clothes fast! Keep 65% of your sales! 

Clean Out. Make Money.




Shop thousands of items at up to 90% of retail prices, some as low as $2!

Save Time. Save Money.



We'd love to meet you! Come find us on Facebook for updates, a consignor-only group, and events!

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Testimonial: Rachel, Shopper

The best consignment sale I've been to.... The venue was spacious, so there was just the right amount of space in the aisles. Everything was completely clean and tidy. Large, color-coded signs made it easy to see how everything was laid out. All of the people working there seemed super happy to be a part of it, and everyone I interacted with was ridiculously friendly and helpful. I also loved the fact that they'll donate your leftover items for you if you want. No complaints!!

Preparing Jams

Fostering Communities

In 2015, over 670,000 children spent time in the foster care system. In North Carolina alone, the rate of children entering foster care has risen 25% over the last five years; however, the number of foster homes available for these children is inadequate.


Seeds and Sprouts® Kids is firmly committed to doing what we can in the foster care crisis by donating unsold items at the end of our events to WNC foster care families and giving a portion of our profits to agencies directly benefiting the cause.


Join our growing community of consignors in making an impact in the lives of children in our region.

Seeds and Sprouts® Kids - the best consignment experience for the consignor and shopper, benefiting our local Western North Carolina Foster Community! Check out our award for Best 2019 Consignment Sale in Western North Carolina - this is voted by you, our community, and we are so thankful for your support!

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